The secret within you

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present

Formula of Happiness - the secret within you, is a self-help book and helps readers learn how to turn their suffering into happiness. The book is 150 pages long and perfect blend of science & spirituality. it’s a guide to transforming the world with the power of your mind

Today's Science and psychology studies have been revealed that "when you are happy", then you'll find the success you're looking for. in this book you'll find the ways to build yourself and your happiness in a scientific manner to become more successful as a result. you will find ways to train your nervous system and Mind. to naturally reduce stress, depression to face difficulties that is a barrier in successful and happy life.

this book made to learn :

how mind plays an important role into our life to achieve things we want and feel what we want to feel.

how things we experience in our life is not because of the circumstances and people around us but its Mind that create situation according to the thoughts we think and makes our reality.

after reading the book you'll find the ways to real Happiness which lead to success in your life and finally you achieve your goals and attain perfection.

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