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Monika Singh

is a certified
from New Delhi.
She is the author of bestseller book
“Formula Of Happiness - the secret within you”

Her mission is to provide tools that empower people to ignite their dreams, unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose. MONIKA has been empowering people and making changing the lives of people across the country since 2018, she has conducted her speeches & workshops in different part of the country. She has addressed thousands of people, and all have enjoyed her speeches & courses. She has helped thousands of people in India in mind-body wellness, self-development, stress & conflict resolution and personal development, personal mastery & leadership

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Today's Science and psychology studies have been revealed that when you are happy , then you'll find the success you're looking for. In this book you'll find the ways to build yourself and your happiness in a scientific manner to become more successful as a result.

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An online Program for Personal Growth & development. A complete guide for Mind mastery & Life mastery proven tools, techniques & tips to finally succeed and get results.

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Get to know me on my youtube channel where i post weekly videos for personal growth & hacks. If you’re ready to dive deep into some of the life’s best kept secrets that I give out FOR FREE,

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REVIEWS : Formula of Happiness

If you are seeking your happiness in people & things outside then you are mistaken.Happiness is comes from within yourself. In this book author shares ways to build yourself &your happiness to become more successful as a result.


In simple words, the concept of happiness explained by tying it up with spiritual go of life, is just commendable. Language is decently easy throughout and honestly I enjoyed reading thisbook.


Usually self help books are boring and takes time to understand but this one is a light readdue to its simple language which makes it graspable. You can read this book as many times asyou want.


The book discusses how the mind plays an important role in our routines and how it can beeasily diverted if we encounter any negativity? Our behavior is totally depended on the waywe think. So mind plays an important role in one’s life.


Formula of Happiness was an enriching experience. The case studies and their findingsmade every word and tip in the book believable. The tips are logical. The language of thebook is simple and the steps are easy to follow.


The happiness for many of us is related to the materialistic things but the real happiness ispresent deep inside you. The main motive of everyone is to be happy and this book will helpyou a lot about it.


Everything mentioned in the book, be it thinking and analysing things, meditation, givingyourself a break when the brain is in high speed thinking, shifting the thoughts at rapid speed.Every technique was clearly.

Literature Buddy

Formula of Happiness by Monika Singh is a self-help book which explains 'happiness' more in a scientific way. Author has coined both human psychology and science in this book andexplains.

Deepali Gupta

I enjoyed reading it throughout. This book is like other self help books but what makes it a standout is how she has woven a connection between a human- psychology- and science all ofit together.

Rutuja Ramteke

The book also talks about certain laws which deals with our day to day life. The language isreally kept simple & this is not a spiritual kinda of self-help.

CA Anil Soni

This is really an amazing book..the best part of it is that the content is very simple easilyunderstandable but very meaningful

Gaurangi Sinkar

This book would help you to build yourself, to be happy and to be successful. How can youreduce your stress and focus on more aspects of life and be Happy.

You can actually train your brain for Wealth, Health & Success.

And i can help you to have all the tools, techniques & strategies that you need in this journey of empowerment life.

because i believe there is no limit of what you can be, what you can have or what you can do

Monika Singh

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